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Cacophony of noises or a pleasant shopping and dining experience? Let the shoppers prefer an acoustically pleasing mall! Shopping can be very stressful especially if there is a product launch or fashion show in the atrium which then becomes cacophony for the rest of the mall. Also a crowded food court is usually always a noisy experience whereas quiet environs are preferred to converse and enjoy a meal.

Value Proposition

Envirotech solutions for mall ceilings provides benefits to all the stakeholders of the ecosystem. Here is how:

Features Benefits
Striking visuals Architect
Quiet interiors Acoustical Consultant
Lightweight add-on Structural Consultant
Environment friendly Green Consultant
Daylight views Lighting Consultant
Corporate branding Signage Consultant
Thermal comfort HVAC Consultant
Fire rating Insurance
Snag-free install Contractor
Easy integration Other Vendors
Quick turnaround Project Manager
Easy maintenance Facility Manager
Economical, Builder
Economical, asset appreciation Dveloper
Footfalls magnetizer Tenant
Pleasant experience Shopper

Design Highlights

Malls are designed with highly polished and acoustically hard surfaces.

  • Stone flooring
  • Gypsum ceiling
  • Glass storefronts

The emphasis is on visuals and visuals only. This tends to create highly reverberant spaces that unwittingly create stress, the last thing that brands would want!

If the necessary awareness and consciousness exists at the design stage itself then acoustical ceiling panels like Snazz Pixel 3/8 or Snazz Cosmos can be very easily integrated by architects in the usual smooth gypsum ceiling with no loss to aesthetics. Similarly atrium domes can be adorned with Subtex Wave acoustical baffles that can work as colourful banners too. Imagination and innovation is the key!

Acoustic Advantages

Experience shows architectural acoustics is most neglected in malls by interior designers and hence acoustical ambience can become a mall’s key differentiator to the delight of the owner, tenants and most importantly, the shoppers, making them come back again and again. Once there are a throng of repeat footfalls and merchandise flies of shelves the lease rentals can be robust and sustained. A win-win-win for all stakeholders.