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Envirotech is a leading Manufacturer of Ceiling Acoustic Panels | Acoustic Ceiling Panels | Acoustic Wall Panels

Envirotech Systems Manufacturer of Ceiling Acoustic Panels, and Acoustic Wall Panels are an innovative method of absorbing reverberant & noise in rooms without the visual appearance of just another one of those boring suspended ceilings.The stunning visual effect of acoustic 'clouds' on a ceiling space leaves an occupant or visitor with an impression of flair and forward thinking on behalf of the designer of the room or hall.

The installation time is fast as the Envirotech Systems Acoustic Panels are simply suspended by steel wires from the soffit by means of special spiral hooks which are fitted in the rear of the acoustic panels. Also, this means that non-specialist fitters can be used to carry out the installation.
The depth in suspension is simply adjusted by adjusting the length of the steel suspension wire. This also allows the panels to be installed at sloping angles if required, again adding to the visual design possibilities.

Technical Specification

Ceiling Acoustic Panels having 6mm thickness and made of Cement Fiber, Glass Fiber Tissue Paper finish. Ceiling Acoustic Panels available in sizes 595x595x6mm with square edge density 1050kg/m3 and having 10/15mm Dia perforation covered with Absorptive Microfiber Coating on the front side and Black Colour Acoustics Fleece on the back side, thus making it Acoustically Absorptive, Water Resistant, Fire Resistant, Termite Resistant, Acoustic panels can be backed with 50mm Thick Insulation Wool. Acoustic Ceiling Panel having NRC Value up to 0.70. The tiles are anti sag and are to be installed on T24 grid system of 0.6mm thick, Main 'T' length minimum 3000mm, web minimum 35mm to be placed at 600mm centre to centre and secondary cross 'T' of length 600mm, web minimum 35 mm, inter locked, Wire Support for Main T to be taken at every 1200mm length wise and 600mm width wise, specially designed for Acoustic Vibration management and long life. The Panels can be painted in any colour as per Consultant / Architect's choice.


Acoustic Ceiling Panels | Ceiling Acoustic Panels

Enhancing the acoustic quality of a space is paramount, and a well-designed acoustic ceiling plays a crucial role in achieving optimal sound management. Acoustic Ceilings, incorporating materials like wood panels or specialized Acoustic Ceiling Panels, are pivotal in mitigating noise levels and enhancing sound clarity. This content will explore the array of options available in Acoustic Ceiling Solutions, including Acoustic Ceiling Tiles, sound baffles, Ceiling Clouds, and more, shedding light on their benefits and applications across various settings.

Acoustic Ceiling Panels are widely favored for their efficacy in controlling sound reverberation. Available in diverse materials and designs, these panels are indispensable in environments like offices, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities, where Noise Reduction is imperative. Similarly, Acoustic Ceiling Tiles present a versatile solution for sound control, with easy installation and customization options in various textures and patterns to complement any interior design.

Innovative solutions such as Sound Baffles and Ceiling Clouds prove effective in spaces with high ceilings or open layouts. Suspended vertically, Sound Baffles absorb sound waves, minimizing noise and echo. Horizontally suspended Ceiling Clouds serve a similar purpose, reducing sound reflections from the ceiling area. Both options excel in large spaces like auditoriums, warehouses, and open-plan offices.

Acoustic Baffles provide an alternative for spaces where traditional Ceiling Treatments may be impractical. Acoustic drop Ceiling Tiles are suitable for retrofitting existing spaces, seamlessly integrating into standard drop ceiling frameworks.

For a contemporary and industrial aesthetic, Perforated Metal Ceilings offer both visual appeal and acoustic benefits. Beyond enhancing the visual aspect of a space, these ceilings contribute to sound absorption and diffusion.

The Acoustic Ceiling Board emerges as a versatile option applicable across various settings. It delivers excellent sound absorption properties and is straightforward to install. Acoustic Suspended Ceiling Tiles prove practical in office spaces, effectively reducing ambient noise and enhancing speech intelligibility.

Wood Ceiling Baffles introduce a natural and warm aesthetic to a space while serving acoustic functions. These baffles, along with Acoustic Sound Baffles, find favor in design-centric spaces such as modern offices or public buildings.

Considering cost, the Baffle Ceiling Price may vary based on materials and design complexity. Striking a balance between budget considerations and specific acoustic needs is crucial. Perforated Acoustic Tiles provide a cost-effective option, delivering both sound absorption and an appealing finish.

Soundproof Ceiling Tiles and Soundproof Ceiling Panels are indispensable in environments where sound isolation is critical, such as recording studios or home theaters. Engineered to prevent sound transmission, these tiles offer an added layer of privacy and noise control.

Renowned for quality and effectiveness in sound absorption, Envirotech Acoustic Ceiling Tiles are an excellent choice, particularly for environmentally conscious projects incorporating sustainable materials and practices.

Finally, Sound Panels for the ceiling play an integral role in any comprehensive Acoustic Solution. Beyond reducing noise levels, these panels contribute to the overall aesthetic of a space, making them popular in both commercial and residential applications.

In conclusion, a well-conceived Acoustic Ceiling, whether featuring Wooden Acoustic Panels, acoustic ceiling panels, Sound Baffles, or specialized ceiling clouds, significantly enhances the acoustic performance of a space. From Acoustic Baffles to Perforated Metal Ceilings, the options are diverse and cater to various design preferences and functional requirements. Whether seeking soundproofing solutions or aiming to elevate acoustic comfort in an office or public space, there exists an acoustic ceiling solution to meet specific needs and budget constraints.