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Discerning patrons come back again and again for cinema sound just as the director intended.

Immersive 3D audio to match 3D picture is the new name of the digital game. Dolby Atmos^, AURO-3D^, DTS:X^ are very demanding sound tracks that move sound inside a theatre like never before!

Design Criteria

  • Reverb time – 1.25+0.1s
    (fully occupied)
  • Background noise – RC30(N)
    (unoccupied, AC on)
  • Speech Intelligibility – >0.5
    (for dialog clarity)
  • SPL – 105+2dBA
    • Frequency Response –
    (at every seat) 30Hz~16kHz

Acoustic Advantages

  • Ensures every discrete channel of
    sound 11.1 or more is crisp with
    no muddling
  • Dialogs are crystal clear from
    loudest screams to softest
    • No screen-to-screen noise spills

Envirotech studies every aspect of cinema audio comprehensively and offers product solutions.