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Auditorium Acoustic

A classical music performance by maestros, a mesmerising dance by the divas, an engrossing theatre performance by a renowned drama troupe, a riveting speech by an evangelist. An auditorium needs to deliver the finest of audio to the audience’s ears on every seat. The magic of acoustical design is to ensure every seat a prime seat with the optimum blend of audio system and acoustical panels.

Design Criteria

  • Reverb time – 1.25+0.1s
  • Background noise – RC30(N)
  • Speech Intelligibility – >0.6
  • Sound Pressure Level – 95+2dBA
    • Frequency Response –
    (at every seat) 40Hz~12kHz

Audio Setup

FOH – Line Array (flown down)
Fills – Front, Below balcony
Monitors – Stage, Green rooms

Very few auditoria in India boast good acoustics. Anutone works closely with acousticians and audio system integrators to offer techno-commercially optimal solutions.

Acoustic Advantages

An acoustically well-tuned auditorium will become the venue of first choice for both cynosure performers and connoisseur audiences. Go for it!